Bye Bye Fever – Kegunaan, Efek Samping, Dosis dan Aturan Pakai

Bye Bye Fever is a product that is very easy to use, it is a Japanese-made compress patch that is used today by parents for their children, this product is most used in Indonesia.

But even today many people do not know much about it, and some people consider it baseless, so this article will tell you what Bye Bye Fever actually is and whether it should be used or not.

Bye Bye Fever is also a trusted brand but no product can be made famous by just one big brand, hence today’s society is very cautious, and as you know that in today’s time, people do not have that much time. Waste all your time behind something, that is why modern products like Bye Bye Fever are made.

Today’s article is based on this, why should Bye Bye Fever be used and is it right to use it? So stay tuned to this article and share it with as many people as possible to get the information given in

What is Bye Bye Fever?

Bye Bye Fever
Bye Bye Fever

Bye Bye Fever is a compressed patch that is used for fever, in olden times people used to use a cloth soaked in water, even today many people use the old method, but in modern times everything has become digital. And a patch has been made to compress the cloth soaked in water.

This product is such a great product that can last for 8 to 10 hours, and by using it, parents can also show their love for their children, the material is so good that you can even go out after applying it on your forehead. And it goes silent along with the face so that no one even knows that you have fever.

In olden times, clothes had to be changed frequently and for this a person had to waste his time and sit near the infected person, but Bye Bye Fever has a simple solution to all the problems.

Simply tear off the plastic cover and place it over your head, and you’re good to go – no need to change it frequently, as it’s a compression patch that won’t leak.

This is why the Bye Bye Fever brand is at the top of the minds and hearts of Indonesian mothers because it is a great material that saves people a lot of time, and also protects the patient from clothing contamination. .

Side Effects

Although this product does not have any significant side effects, because it is a simple ingredient that simply changes an old-fashioned process into a modern one, but even with such a simple ingredient, many people may have to face problems.

Ingredients like these may be new to many people, and every person’s body and skin is different, so we can’t be sure how each product will react.

Many people may have some common problems like (Itching, Uncomfortable, Allergy, Hypersensitivity, Burning sensation, etc) all these do not come under side effects because all these are common problems that do not appear after repeated use of the product.


Although it is a very good product but before using it you have to take care of some batons as it is for external use only, do not apply it in your eyes or other places like soft membranes or skin affected by eczema, rashes/wounds Do not apply it on the face, and if you notice any side effects from its use like rash, redness etc. then contact your doctor immediately.

This Sutpad is made for single use, so use the same sheet only once, do not use the same patch again and again, change it every 10 hours, otherwise, its side effects may be seen.

How to use?

Remove the transparent layer of Bye Bye Fever and stick the adhesive surface on the forehead/cheek/back or painful area. It is very easy to use which any mother can do for her children. But keep in mind that the patch has to be changed every 10 hours.


As we have told it needs to be changed after 10 hours, so if necessary after 10 hours then change it and put a new Bye Bye Fever patch.

Bye Bye Fever


How do you store fever patches?

Place it in the refrigerator before use for a better cooling effect, and do not put it in the freezer after opening. After opening, if you want to store the unused cooling gel patch, fold the aluminum pouch twice along the dotted line, and then place inside the box or refrigerator to avoid contact with air.

Are fever spots safe?

Yes, these patches are skin-safe and do not contain any toxic ingredients, ensuring that your baby gets the best care. They have a standard size that fits all, and can be cut into smaller sizes if necessary. Bye Bye Fever Pads measure 2 x 4.7 inches and are suitable for placement on any part of the body. WeCare Fever Patches are safe for all babies, children and infants.

Is bye bye fever good for baby?

Yes, Bye Bye Fever Patch Cool Fever helps reduce fever, can be helpful in relieving fever in a natural way, and can be applied on your child. This cooling effect lasts for about 4 hours, which can help baby relax.

All about using Bye Bye Fever Patch correctly is best for baby, but keep in mind that safety is important for every baby or adult.



In this article, we have provided enough information about Bye Bye Fever to tell you the exact information about it and its usage, this article is for all Indonesian parents who want to take proper care of their children in their busy time. Yes, if you have any questions in your mind then ask us by commenting, we will reply you within 24 hours, thank you for joining us. Share this article and let us reach people.

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